Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The next to arrive in the New Year's Party was our Bollywood actor, our Fauji kid, Miss Selina Stately, with her parents. Her father Colonel V K Stately had been in the Army for more than two decades, and was now retired and settled in Bengdubi. He and Mrs Stately came to attend all station parties. At times, when Selina was in town, she also accompanied her parents. I’ve seen her growing up and I find her like any other Fauji’s kid, but the entire Army Station goes berserk whenever Selina comes to the parties. Today there was the Air Force crowd too. As they don’t have their own separate institute, so the New Year Eve’s are celebrated jointly at one place -- that is our BSOI(BENGDUBI SERVICE OFFICER'S INSTITUTE).

Selina was wearing a little black dress that started from her big bosom and ended much above her thighs. Seeing her dress I remembered a quote I had once seen displayed on a board in one of the senior officer’s office. It said “Your visit should be short enough to arouse curiosity and long enough to cover vital points.” Amusingly, I don’t know why but, I found Selina’s dress speaking the same quote. Her feet were covered in high pointed heels closed black leather shoes raised up to her knees. The shoes had innumerable leather laces tied in criss-cross fashion. She held a smart shining black metal clutch in her right hand. Her artificially auburn coloured hair was open but closely controlled. Not a single strand of her hair was out of place. Her blue-grey eyes were lined with dark kohl, bluish eye liner and mascara, her prominent cheek bones wore a shiny bronze shade and she wore a deep layer of brownish lipstick. Fair people can really look extremely hot in shades of browns…no doubt in that.  Her neck was bare and she had no earrings in her ears.

I could witness mass hysteria as the Army and Air Force bachelor officers, as well as teen sons’ of officers, were going nuts looking at the Bollywood hottie. While the Army guys held their horses, the Air Force guys were readying themselves to take off…beginning to derive utmost pleasure by the mere star presence in the hall. Maybe she was their fantasy girl and getting to see one’s fantasy woman could be a very exciting experience for most men. Young girls and kids went running to Selina seeking her autograph. The lady officers weren’t bothered. Selina, for them, wasn’t such a big thing; still they kept admiring her beauty from a distance.

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